The Shark Innovations Story

“Clean Energy, Clean Mind”

August 2017

Oliver Evans is from London and is the founder and CEO of Shark Innovations which was born in 2013. He has a clear passion for design, style and technological advances concentrating more on delivering clients their desired requirements, whilst developing his own products and at the same time using a cleaner environmental footprint for our planet.

He has sourced the very best engineers with enthusiastic driven designers who understand and support his values and intentions. His ethos is to accomplish the manufacturing of projects with integrity, making the business world cleaner and much more transparent in the manufacturing of products. Oliver tells his side of the story, after dealing with huge disappointments and heart ache in the aftermath of broken partnerships in China.

For the past year Oliver has been rebuilding his dream, but this time, on his own terms, in his own factory.

In 2015/16 a factory effected the production of a product, causing insurmountable problems with unnecessary delays, shipping deadlines and ultimately copied his design, this ultimately made it necessary for him to reimburse customers because the factory made it impossible for him to fulfill all deliveries. He found the only solution was to own his own factory. And that is where he is today.

Some suggested scrapping the brand, starting an unrelated new one, and burying any connection with the betrayal of the past factory, making a clean start but customers who had received his product remained loyal and after much positive feed back he decided to stand by his hard work and principles, choosing to rescue Shark Innovations and Kiwano.

Daunted but only momentarily, he set out to make a fresh start. The process of reinvigorating the brand has not been the easiest, this is due to the fact that one simple comment on the internet these days can greatly harm a business, especially, when both sides of the story don’t have an equal stage presence. Yet, Oliver felt staying true to his roots was the right path for him, stating: “I am proud of my work, values and lessons that I've learnt along the way, nothing is regrettable just a learning curb, It's important to go through the hardships to achieve your goals."

After much dissolution, waste of resources, and shattered partnerships, Oliver realized he had made the right decision in opening up his own factory, it was the only way his vision could support the true values of his dreams. This was a risky situation financially, considering the reputation that had been wrongly connected to a previous Shark Innovations product. Yet a year later and in full swing, Kiwano KO1, his electronic rideable scooter, is thriving on the streets, contributing to cleaning up our planet, and winning over rider’s hearts who stand by the belief of saving our planet and living in a cleaner world. Knowing the full story, this tag-line makes sense at a multi dimensional global level. “Clean Energy, Clean Mind”

The Shark Innovations factory is located outside Shenzhen, China, a very special place for Oliver who spent over 15 years integrating with the Chinese, an ancient culture he admires. Shark Innovations connection in Asia began In 2001, after Oliver started his first company when he was just 18 years old, still living in the UK importing first generation Electric Scooters from Taiwan. This was his first encounter dealing with Asia and the business was a great success. Never one to keep still, Oliver was ready for a change and more challenging adventures.

During one of his visits to Taiwan, passing through Hong Kong he shares: “I knew I wanted to end up in Hong Kong after falling in love with this multicultural city and its heritage. A city with a powerful kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West, a city of diversity where new and old meet”.

His heart resonated with the land “the city gave me motivation, i have a natural business mind and recognized the opportunities knowing that it was Asia’s hub to China, it was a no brainer to invest in this area.” Shark Innovations had several years of exploring and learning in Hong Kong and running a trading company with its ups and downs meant, he says “i felt the time had come and it was necessary to move into China in order to explore the opportunity to work side by side with manufacturers right from the grass roots, without any more third parties”

Oliver says “the successes and failures in Hong Kong and China made me who I am today” He is proud of his new found understanding and respect for running an international business and specifically what It means to do business within China, with a different culture, value systems and language.

“There are certain challenges and higher risks involved in outsourcing production, even though it might seem easier at first, as I learnt with previous projects, it is not always the case. The main issue is losing control of my own business, relying on other factories to deliver the products on time, or even, at all. Factories copying my ideas and designs is always an issue, it is happening more and more often, no matter how protected my products are. We launched our crowd-funding project with a lot of good intention but it went terribly wrong, with massive delays and we ended up having to move production elsewhere paying double for the development and production. This caused serious damages but in the end we did manage to deliver 80% and refund the rest. By the time this mess was sorted out, there were negative remarks made online. Trust is very tricky in business, especially when production is in someone else's factory. It was unfortunate to say the least and i had lost the trust of my own customers through no fault of my own. I understood how the customers felt, it is not a nice feeling, However my aim was to restore Shark Innovations to its full light as an honest company with integrity for its customers coupled with providing a better green footprint for our planet”

“I am naturally a positive person and have been born with an ability to be resilient, persistent and having initiative to power through the mud, never giving up because the dream is real and palpable, transmuting failure into motivation”.

Speaking with Oliver he refers to his factory as the “dream come true, having my own manufacturing facility gives me the confidence to not only launch successful products but also make sure they are of the highest quality, providing for the customers the experience and value I always nurtured and imagined."

In light of powering through with the inspiration for the original vision, Oliver’s latest project, Kiwano KO1, is setting the record straight once and for all! Kiwano, the revolutionary clean energy electric rideable brand is already proving successful within the global market, with partnerships in over 30 countries and across the USA such as Best Buy and Target.

Oliver hopes to share his enthusiasm behind the motivations of creating beautiful, sustainable, and innovative solutions for the present, which impact our future in a positive way.

Grateful for Kiwano’s positive response within its community, we are excited to continue on pursuing the clean energy adventure!

Our focus is lined up as a 3-year business road-map, with additional green products being added to the Kiwano brand in early 2018. We are excited for the ever-changing technological advances emerging in the space of electric ridable’s, and we are developing ‘plant based plastic’ solutions for transportation and entertainment catering to all ages.

We want to hear from you, we mean it. Is there a simple solution lacking in your world? Would you like it to be made from plant-plastics? We would love to co-create in designing the world of tomorrow, today.

With our China manufacturing facilities, in addition to our Miami office, where we will have in-house assembling right in the USA, we are excited to open up a European office in London, UK for Sales & Marketing starting in 2018, creating more jobs worldwide, within this industry of planet friendly technologies that are so needed at this crucial time in human development.

Clean Energy, Clean Mind,

Innovate, Motivate, Educate.


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