Crowdfunding: Todays’ Changing Investment Landscape

Over the last decade, start-ups have successfully used crowdfunding platforms to generate billions of dollars of early-stage financing. These businesses pre-sell products to the customer while the item is still under development, and supporters receive the final product as a reward for their financial contribution when the development phase has concluded. However, multinationals such as Lego, P&G, and Coca-Cola are now taking an interest in the practice. 

The difference here is that multinationals aren’t in it for the cash, they find that consumers are simply easier to engage during product development cycles. They suggest product ideas and sometimes even make an effort to connect their favorite brands to potential suppliers and retailers. Studies have shown that an openness to co-create can tremendously increase pre-sales even by 65%, an approach that has been put into practice by headphone manufacturer Nura and similar innovators.

Multi-Step Approach

As for the fundraising itself, our partner was the first full-service agency focused on Kickstarter marketing and promotions a full 10 years ago. Their multi-stage product launch strategy has yielded impressive results over 500 launch campaigns (the average funding secured increased from $168,000 in 2010 to $850,000 in 2015). They hold the current record for designing and optimizing the most $1,000,000+ Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns of any agency in history! That means not only that you’re in safe hands with Shark, but that our service often turns out to be 10 times more effective than going it alone.

Breaking Crowdfunding Down to a Science

A high-value fully managed campaign demands that the agency becomes an extension of your own business. It’s fashionable to say, but our partner agency is fixed on attention to detail handling Pre Launch, Live Launch, and Post Launch strategies, creating custom landing pages and managing lead generation, email marketing, Kickstarter page builds, and advertising campaigns designed to scale funding. A paid media pro team can jump in and invigorate your campaign with their Kickstarter or Indiegogo Boost service, which amplifies advertising spend for clients with budgets as low as $2,500.

If you’re keen on the idea and interested in how to make a crowdfunding campaign go viral, then Shark can help you out. It makes sense to hire crowdfunding expert assistance if you want to achieve consistent results quickly.

Are you wondering how to crowdfund an idea? Perhaps you are unsure how to write a crowdfunding campaign and need help with your profile? If so, please contact the experienced professionals at Shark Design today for a free consultation. 

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