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Having a breakthrough app idea is exhilarating, but the convoluted process that is typically involved in progressing your concept from that initial light bulb moment into the development phase can be an intimidating prospect, which is particularly true if you’ve never hired a freelance app designer or full-service agency before. Building a custom API or mobile-friendly interface can require many working hours, but luckily for you, Shark’s product development service incorporates the most advanced app design available today. We already know your product so the foundations are in place.

Let’s say you’re looking for an agency specialized in User Experience and User Interface design, or UX/UI for short. Selecting a full-service agency like Shark is a wise move because our existing intimate knowledge of your product helps us to deliver a smooth, coordinated end-to-end experience. Shark also provides embedded firmware design for connected smart devices, which helps the technology to function seamlessly. We can design the UI/UX for iOS and Android connected apps and integrate these into software systems and controllers, which ensures that all features function wirelessly.

Trusted Developers Ready To Join Your Team

Our priority is to make digital interactions more human-centric. Familiarity, simplicity, and clutter-free design are key to a happy customer experience, which is why we think it’s a good idea to avoid lengthy explainers or tutorials. From the project’s inception, Shark builds a picture of success for the product beginning with vision and technical sessions and leading on to the formulation of goals. This detailed planning stage informs the following UX and prototyping stages, where we utilize powerful interaction design tools to kick off the perfect customer journey. 

From Onboarding to Conversion

At Shark, our experts always make a point of concentrating on the goals that are important for you later in the design lifecycle. An intuitive app should be a breeze for your users, from initial onboarding to the checkout and the conversion stage. For app design Hong Kong and Shenzhen have been a hive of activity for us in recent times, since there are plenty of manufacturers who need a full-service product development agency a true business partner that can grasp the full scope of their operation. Therefore it’s also imperative that they have plenty of experience working with industry, smart devices, and electronics.

Allow our multidisciplinary team into the fold, and we can help you exceed your goals.

Are you looking for an experienced agency that is capable of handling mobile commerce app design? Or perhaps it is startup app design that you’re interested in? If so, Shark can help you to wow your customers with an engaging interface and intuitive features. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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