New Visualization Methods for Retail Packaging Design

Premium or high end retail packaging can make all the difference in the success of your product, which is why Shark is so focused on the appearance, ease of opening and use, and functionality of packaging. We employ talented graphic designers with a combined industry experience of over 40 years to this end, with our packaging design service covering several elements like retail box design and structural container inserts. Shark’s experts engineer the container, prepare product photography, and produce advanced 3D renders to build a clean, aesthetically appealing packaging design.

Effective Use of Space

Retail space planning is a quagmire there are many factors to consider, but the clever placement of products in space is a crucial element that is most likely to influence customers’ purchasing decisions and their overall shopping experience. If you do not have a detailed plan that fully takes into account the physical perspective of the client or the specific positions of the items on display, there is a possibility that the product’s lack of presence could adversely affect sales. At Shark we believe in planograms as a proven tool for preparing and implementing an effective retail plan. 

Shark uses powerful software to create planograms based on sales and space data. In other words, you are assured of an effective strategy in the field of visual merchandising, which helps to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Shark produces shelf ready retail packaging that is closely tailored to your exact needs, whether you are a small retailer, supplier or multinational chain. We support a range of fixture types from atypical gondolas, to classic shelving, hanging systems, freezers, and table or pallet displays. Custom packaging and boxes can revitalize your brand.

More Than Just a Pretty Package

We typically start by analyzing consumer behavior and the various thought processes a customer runs through when mulling over a potential purchase often described in the business as the ‘consumer decision tree.’ We also help you to make a statement in the mail or with the unboxing experience itself. Perhaps you are looking to have your custom packaging boxes crafted from sustainable materials. We can arrange that for you, along with the top-notch print quality and picture-perfect visuals that our customers have come to expect. 

Shark creates packaging that stands out, regardless of use-case, industry, or business. Many customers find our quick turnarounds useful, too.

If you’re investigating retail packaging solutions, please get in touch with the experienced professionals at Shark Design today so we can run through our service in more detail. Luckily for you, clean and beautiful packaging is our forte.

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