The Alternative to In-House Product Manufacturing

It’s not exactly a new conundrum  – is it better to make a product in-house or to outsource your manufacturing? When exploring issues like quality, control, costs, compliance, and other factors, there isn’t always a straightforward answer. 

However, in the increasingly competitive market of the 2020s, more businesses are discovering that they can substantially reduce costs by working with a full-service product design and manufacturing agency. For a start, no spending is necessary on human resources (HR), management time, overtime pay, training or sick and holiday pay.

Outsourcing manufacturing also makes it easier to streamline some of the more potentially troublesome processes. Working with Shark can help you to reduce supplier audits, minimize variability and consolidate your accounting practices.

Renewed Focus On Core Business

Many of our clients tell us that product manufacturing has become more than a full-time occupation for them. The whole process is expensive, highly convoluted, and takes an age. By physically and emotionally misdirecting their focus, it can distract owners and CEOs from their core business development responsibilities. When fully considering the issue of producing in house versus outsourcing manufacturing to a partner you know you can trust, it is clearly the latter that wins out as it enables business owners to relax and stay fixed on their wider business goals.

Efficiency and Productivity

When you carry out manufacturing in-house, your business is not necessarily equipped with the most innovative tools, software, machinery, and other assets. If these are inadequate, massive holes can erupt in your efficiency, causing costs to spiral out of control. At Shark Design it’s part of our job to keep fully up-to-date with industry developments and upgrade to the most advanced equipment. Customers often talk to us about their concerns over quality control in electronics manufacturing. They are pleased to learn that we have our own quality control and assembly facility with a managed quality control team that supports the tooling, materials, and production setup, to de-risk the possibility for defects. 

By outsourcing manufacturing, you don’t have to lose sleep over eye-wateringly expensive equipment purchases or the other exorbitant costs involved in maintenance, screens, plates, and depreciation. Instead, you are empowered to free up working capital that can be utilized more effectively in other places. Very often the peculiarities of product manufacturing (especially if it’s a big departure from your usual product line) can fall way outside your internal team’s capabilities. This is why a full-service product development company like Shark can provide extraordinary value.

Are you curious about how to outsource manufacturing? Contact the experienced professionals at Shark Design today for a free consultation. We are happy to run through our manufacturing capabilities with you in more depth.

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