The Difference Between Inspection and Quality Control

Today we will compare inspection and quality control to clear up confusion over the issue, as this question often emerges in conversation with prospective clients. Quite simply, product inspection refers to the process of verifying goods to ensure that they successfully comply with established industry specifications. 

This process is typically conducted at the manufacturing site where the item is made. It can take place at any stage of the manufacturing process and mostly relates to issues like construction, functionality, and product quality. 

Crucially, inspection ensures that the product satisfies all relevant safety standards and meets with any import regulations in your jurisdiction. As an importer, product inspections are especially important because they ensure value for money and guarantee the prompt receipt of quality goods. We will now take a look at three main types of product inspection:

1. Pre-shipment Inspection

As the wording suggests, this involves the inspection of newly manufactured goods before they are dispatched to the customer. In most cases, it is carried out when all products are finished, and they are  80% packed at minimum. Quality control inspectors search for defects, appearance, dimensions, product quality, quantity, and safety requirements, so as to correct any issues that arise

2. During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

This type of inspection is carried out when 20% to 80% of production has been completed. The inspector picks out items at random to check their appearance, dimensions, barcodes, labeling, function, and other metrics. This method helps to identify problems relatively early, saving time and money.

3. Pre-production Inspection

This happens before your selected factory even begins manufacturing the item. Importers conduct these inspections to check that raw materials are of the correct quality level, to test the production schedule, or to assess the factory’s capability to churn out the quantities ordered. This approach is helpful when using new suppliers.

Product Inspections as One Part of the Bigger Picture

At Shark Design, we are often asked to differentiate between inspection and quality control. We tend to see quality control as a raft of measures aimed at ensuring that manufactured goods meet the desired standards. Therefore, product inspection is just one component of quality control that involves verifying that manufactured goods comply with pre-set requirements.

In conclusion, the process of manufacturing and importing or exporting a product is complex and expensive. Importers want to be sure they are receiving high-quality goods and one of the most obvious ways of maintaining high standards is by carrying out thorough product inspections. The good news is that an experienced full-agency product developer like Shark Design can take care of this process for you, removing the associated stress and giving you peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with quality control and the processes we use, please get in touch with Shark Design today.

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