The Future of the Phygital Revolution

o, we haven’t just made this word up – phygital is a real thing. What’s more, it’s a huge part of your life already and it’s going to impact it more than ever in the coming years. Most people will be aware of the term digital revolution when in actuality, what we’re seeing is experiences that harmonize the digital and physical worlds.

What Is Phygital?

As you might have guessed, phygital is an amalgamation of the words physical and digital. As the word suggests, this is when both physical and digital elements are used in a product, service, or experience. A prime and basic example is when you walk into a McDonald’s and are presented with a digital kiosk where you can place your order. 

There are many other examples of in-store and online scenarios that are phygital, and with the introduction of the metaverse and NFTs, this will only continue to grow.

Phygital Customer Experience

The success of any business relies on the customer experience it provides. Nowadays, people require rapid, high-quality service where they’re in control. 

This is prevalent in the demand for self-service. As customers, we’re now able to purchase almost any item we need without interacting with another human.

Amazon Fresh stores are the pinnacle of phygital, with physical stores offering an entirely digital experience – walk in, choose your items, and leave – it’s that integrated.

The Phygital NFT Future

Society is seeing a huge shift. With a digitally-native generation powering change, we’re driving towards digital currencies, digital assets, and digital worlds – but phygital is still going to be incredibly important. 

For the metaverse and NFTs to have the impact many predict them to, they need to find ways to bridge the gap between digital and physical – a purely digital approach won’t attract the masses. 

One way this is already coming to fruition is that businesses are providing physical rewards for digital purchases. 

Adidas is giving holders of their NFTs access to exclusive events and products. Additionally, some art-focused projects are incentivized by gifting members with physical artwork. 

The Future of Phygital Marketing

It’s almost the reverse of the phygital revolution of the past. We’ve seen how businesses have introduced digital elements to their physical experiences. Now, it’s the turn of digital businesses to bring the physical side.

There will always need to be common ground between the physical and digital spaces to provide a truly rounded customer experience. We can’t live without physical products, services, and interaction, but we have a pressing need for the convenience, freedom, and flexibility digital offers.

If you want to explore the future of phygital and are looking for ideas on how to implement it, get in touch with our experts today.

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