Why Does Product Packaging Design Matter?

Product packaging design plays a hugely important role in marketing, branding, and convincing people to buy an item. Interestingly, 7 in 10 people say packaging design can influence their buying decisions.

Furthermore, in this eco-conscious world, packaging is a hot topic amongst businesses. Currently, over 50% of Americans are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging, meaning brands need to find innovative ways to create packaging using more sustainable materials and processes.

Why Is Product Packaging Design Important?

It Represents Your Brand Personality

Many brands have product packaging design that defines their brand, symbolizing exactly what their product is. You could remove their brand name and logo, and people would still be able to tell you the product. This emphasizes the importance of packaging.

Examples include:

  • The Coca-Cola glass bottle
  • A Pringles can
  • Tiffany & Co. blue box
  • McDonald’s Happy Meal container

It Makes Your Products Stand Out

Consumers are bombarded with a choice of products. Whether shopping online or in-store, they’re faced with a barrage of brands selling very similar products. Product packaging design is what initially makes your brand stand out – especially to those consumers. 

If you’re new to the market, or you refresh your packaging, it can catch the eye of connoisseur consumers and those unfamiliar with your brand or competitors.

It Adds To Customer Experience & Reflects Product Quality

What do you think of a product that is luxuriously packaged? Think of Apple products, for example. They’re white, minimalistic, clean cut, with minimal information. Slicing the cellophane and sliding open the perfectly measured box is an experience within itself. 

Compare this with receiving packaging that’s already opened, it has no cellophane protection, and you can tell it’s cheap corrugated cardboard.

Depending on your brand, either option might suit your needs. However, if you’re selling premium, expensive products, you have to match them with luxurious, heavy-duty, impressive product packaging design.

It Protects Your Products

When discussing the importance of packaging, you have to talk about its original purpose – to protect products. While many get caught up in aesthetics, you can’t forget about practicality. Beautiful packaging that doesn’t protect against product damage can be disastrous.

Imagine if a vineyard used a structure that didn’t support the weight of its bottles or had no mechanism to hold the wine in place. Most bottles would smash, leaving the company at a great loss.

So, while aesthetic product packaging design is crucial to attracting customers, structural design is equally important.

In Summary

Expertly executed product packaging design has the power to improve sales and brand awareness. It’s a crucial part of the buyer decision-making process. However, don’t forget structural and graphic design elements.

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