Why Outsource Your Product Design?

At Shark Design, we would argue that there is never a bad time to hire a full-service product design company, from the very early days of the prototype stage and right up to your release date. An experienced team with wide-ranging skills can turbo-charge your entire product design process, from developing new hypotheses, running it through rigorous testing, and inspiring you with fresh ideas. 

It doesn’t end with design, either our approach is very much an end-to-end product development service, from conception to full-blown product, manufacturing, materials design, web design, iOS app design, retail packaging, retail contracts, funding, and more. We handle everything for you. 

Benefit From an Outsider Perspective

Over time, even the most innovative businesses can start to lose their creative and competitive edge. Bringing in a highly specialized product design and development service from outside is a brilliant way to get fresh eyes on your project, whether that’s right at the starting line, or when building prototypes, or when refining your finished product. Chances are you will need more than one type of specialist. A CAD expert’s role is not the same as that of an app developer, for example each position demands a specific way of thinking. A different perspective is often the catalyst that is needed to move things to the next level. Shark Design can fill the gaps in your knowledge and help you build products outside your expertise.

Rapid Scaling

A new product often brings a sudden explosion of activity. If you’re already pumping out large volumes of your current product, then you dream up a new product idea, you may start to struggle under the increased workload. Of course, you could expand your operation and take on more staff in-house, but that’s not always a practical option. Sadly, many employers will recruit new people only to dismiss them when the item finally enters production. Hiring a bespoke product design team to handle the project for you makes this wholly unnecessary. With Shark Design, there is no need to take a risk with temporary workers, and you also benefit from attention to detail and a full-service approach. 

We take on all the ‘behind the scenes’ work, testing, and experimentation. We help you to move at pace and relieve you of stress so you can concentrate on other tasks. Shark Design ensures that you get exactly what you need when you need it no more, no less.

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