Why Outsourced Product Development is the Best Choice

Traditionally, businesses have imagined, designed, and developed their own productsin-house from scratch. This is a multifaceted challenge involving market research, conceptual and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), product engineering, development of prototypes, the costly ongoing maintenance of machinery and other equipment, app development, public relations (PR) for raising awareness of the product among the target audience, and much more. To this end, organizations would need to hire experts in each field or simply do their best with employees they already had on their payroll.

Instantly Onboard a Brilliant Team

Outsourcing your product development means enlisting an external agency to provide some or all of these services. Shark Design goes even further, offering product and technology strategy, UX design, custom software development, and new product iterations. Each agency offers different specialties to help clients turn those light bulb moments into reality and profit. In the past, however, many businesses were reluctant to use a full-service agency or move product development offshore because they were uncertain of their ability to controland manage the development process from a distance. 

Sometimes these businesses were skeptical that outsiders would understand the company ethos well enough to successfully integrate their values into the product. Often they were fearful of intellectual property theft. In any case, times are changing in a world where pace, agility, quality control, and cost are more important than geographic location, companies are beginning to feel more confident in collaborating across time zones and borders. COVID-19 has made the necessity of a close-knit working culture seem quaint and almost obsolete. Remote working culture is more accepted than ever before.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

Turnkey product development gives you access to a wide-ranging suite of services including  CTO level strategy, architecture, product development itself, quality assurance, and DevOps. In a sense, you might consider it a one-stop shop for your business needs. But it also addresses client concerns over IP protection using solid agreements that specify how any intellectual property is managed. This can involve secure working practices like the use of VPNs, secure laptops, and access control but also ensuring that all IP created by the agency is owned by the client. 

Shark Design can even help you with the filing of patents and copyrights, with any other IP brought in by the agency extended to you under a royalty-free perpetual license. We will give more examples in our other blog posts, but it should be clear by now that cost reduction is far from being the only key benefit of outsourcing your product development to a full-service agency. 

If you’re looking for product development expertise, then you’re in the right place. Contact the experienced professionals at Shark Design today for a free consultation. 

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